Plagiarism Detection

Those authors and artist, in which The Royale Press, LLC own the ISBN and copyrights or represents the artist of fine art as a third party or direct dealer, assume all responsibility for plagiarism committed within the submitted literatures [preceding the end of the editing stage] accidentally and intentionally. All authors and artist signed by or contracted to The Royale Press, LLC, prior to publishing, assume 100% of the responsibility of any falsified or plagiarized materials. This includes but is not limited to Writings [short stories, poems, novels, etc.] or art [illustrations, graphic novels, paintings, drawings, portraits, etc.]. The Royale Press, LLC assumes 0% culpability. It is the signee’s understanding that any and all consequences and charges brought about by plagiarism shall befall the signee only and not that of the contract/agreement holder and will assume blame immediately upon plagiarized finds. It is the signee’s understanding that shifting of blame and/or responsibility is not possible at any time. The Royale Press, LLC, will exercise means in the attempts to prevent the publishing of any plagiarized materials but make signee aware of our code of conduct to only accept new and original works; be they literature or art.

Others who have already published

By submitting and/or signing, the author or artist substantiates, in fact, their submissions to be original and unique and contains no plagiarized content to the best of their knowledge.

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