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The Royale Press is an online publication that focuses primarily on young and debuting authors. We target all genres of literature that has a demographic of PG-17 and higher. A subsidiary brand, HoRo’BoL, was established to cater to a younger demographic and lighter literary materials. HoRo’BoL does not only produce reading material for children, but also present, HoRo’BoL Kids which publishes literature written by child authors or inspired by children.



What Makes Us Unique

The Royale Press provides publishing services from start to finish for digital and physical print books. We work with our authors from the ideas stage to the publishing stages of their book. Our publishing services are designed with realistic prices for achievable goals. Our unique approach in the business guarantees a healthy and enjoyable relationship with our readers and writers.

Each year, hundreds of people produce manuscripts. On average, unless they are celebrity authors, 90% of the effort to share their work must be done by the authors themselves. The Royale Press operates differently. We work ALONG WITH our authors and partake in 100% of the work - EQUALLY. By doing so The Royale Press has firsthand knowledge of what each author aims to accomplish for their self and their materials.

For our readers, our website has links to each of our authors and their work. This allows the reader the opportunity to observe their favorite author more closely and keep up with what’s going on with them.

Many of our novels are depicted with real life or illustrated images of the characters from the authors' perspective; allowing the reader a more in depth look into the author’s imagination of the characters.


Our readers have a voice and we like to hear them.

Feedback on what the readers think of the story is greatly recommended. Allowing the reader to voice their opinions on the novels can encourages the author to cater to what their readers hope to see in future writing of the series.


Q&A sections are available on the authors’ page to allow their fans an open line of communication. The reader can share directly to the author’s page and express what they think of the novels.


Lyrical Novels are novels the author arranges a playlist of music’s that are relevant to the events, plots, characters, etc. within the story. These “unofficial soundtracks” are arranged from the author’s favorite artists and musicians. They can be listened to on certain music websites as the reader relaxes and enjoys reading the novel. Email us at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on our Lyrical Novels.

None of the music on playlists is owned by The Royale Press.


HoRo’BoL Kids is a unique and new way to help kids, up to age 13, create their own story. With the assistance of a parent or guardian, young writers can contact The Royale Press about writing and submitting a book of their own. When published, their book will be available for sale on the website for other kids to enjoy.


*Submissions must be made with the consent of the legal guardian of the child.

**Submitting materials do not guarantee acceptance.


H. R. Bolling – CEO, Author, Writing Mentor

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The first steps to getting started with our publishing service is discussing exactly what it is you are looking for.  With a detailed consultation you'll tell us what it is you hope to achieve.


Concept & Idea Development

The Royale Press is not the average self-publishing company. We step outside of the traditional comfort zones to take a chance on new and emergent novelist. When contacted by perspective writers, a detail and screening is done to see exactly what it is the writer wants and what it is they hope to achieve. Together, the writer and our team will work on the concept of the story. The Royale Press assists in every step to help the writer properly develop their manuscript. If a novelist has already comfortably began developing their manuscript, this part if the service may not be necessary. Still, should the writer desire, we will work directly with them to help make the process simpler. The Royale Press does not undermine a writer’s potential by presuming to know “exactly” what the readers want. We do not refuse publishing to any skilled and talented writer.



Although we are an online publication, TRP develops a personal relationship with each author, to determine where the author would like to go with their writing. With our team of skilled individuals, we take a hands-on hands approach in molding the authors to reach their full potential. For first time writers, newly developing writers or those looking to just tell a story, mentors are available to help with the development process.



Proofreading is offered in our service packages to allow reviewing of the authors story through a fresh set of eyes. For individuals who come to us with an already drafted manuscript we handle their manuscript with extreme delicacy. This allows both the writer and The Royale Press to give well-rounded feedback and opinions. We keep in mind each reader is different and we always give a non-bias criticism and stay openminded to a variety of readers.



Writers are not necessarily editors and sometimes in the mist of creating your possible best seller, errors can be made. Editing is one of the top 5 most important parts of publishing – a good editor being at the top of that list. The Royale Press works with one of the best editing service providers on the east coast. They offer two forms of editing for all manuscripts – Basic and Deluxe. Our team will work with the editors to determine which editing plan is best suited for your manuscript. Our editors will review your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb and correct everything from punctuation to capitalization. In the event that you select the deluxe plan, your manuscript will undergo a series of edits that will transform it into exactly what you want it to be.



Formatting can be tricky... and tedious. But with your manuscript in our hands we will take the edge off this process and get your book digital ready. We will craft the layout of your manuscript from top to bottom and make it compatible with several types of digital download preferences. Physical print formatting is also available to give your physical book the beautiful look it deserves.



Getting your manuscript copy written is extremely important for all writers. This is a line of defense against plagiarism and it will forever tell the world who has created such a great piece of literature. The Royale Press will provide all the knowledge the writer needs to get the copyright for their work done.


International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

There is a specific 13-digit number that distinctively identifies published literatures to their owner and publisher. These numbers are called the ISBN. The Royale Press will provide any author who publishes with this unique set of numbers.



A barcode is necessary if you decide to have physical copies of your book available. For the digital download, one is not required. We will work with our authors to make the best decision for their book and when this decision should be made.


Cover Design

You should never judge a book by its cover but that doesn’t mean you should not have a great cover design for you book. Our team of talented graphic designers and artist will come up with a striking cover design that is certain to draw the attention of any who catches sight of it.



Online publishing is what we do and we do it the best. When your manuscript is ready we will make it available through digital downloading. You will have a great piece of work to be proud of; not only share with your family and friends but with the world. No matter if it’s a one and done publishing or something you plan to do over and over again; The Royale Press will make your publishing experience A+.


Marketing and Marketing Materials

The success of a debuting author’s new book comes mainly from word of mouth. Getting it out there and in the faces of your fanbase is the key. The Royale Press will work with the author to make this possible. Using social media is one of the simplest ways to make this happen. The Royale Press will not leave this part up to the author to do alone. We will also use our social media site and web page to promote your book. Fliers, bookmarks and other marketing materials options are also available to the author. Working with our authors, we will do what we need to do to debut your work to the public.


Online Promoting

The Royale Press has many ways we promote our authors and the books they write. The online universe is one of the best ways to introduce our authors to many people at one times. With this service, writers have the opportunity to take control of how much exposure they receive. Each author will receive a seat at our “Authors Table” on our website but don’t just stay seated at the table. Now that you are published, let go as far as the imagination can reach. Get yourself out there and show the world what you have to offer.

When 13-year-old Nathaniel Hex visits the remote Vermont town of, Mystic Hollow, he did not expect his life would undergo such a drastic change. Since the moment of his arrival to his grandfather’s farm, strange and unexplainable occurrences have been responding to his presence. Each passing day brings a night of anxiety and terror; and the suspicion continues to grow that his grandfather knows more than he is sharing. Mysteries plague his thoughts. His only piece of mind comes from a white German Shepard named Sudora and CC, the girl next door. This was until a malevolent entity reveals itself to him along with a generation’s old family secret. Relieved that he’s not losing his mind, he confronts his grandfather for the truth. What he learns is beyond belief.

Nathaniel is the next bearer of the Blue Kryvesic Orb – a divine charm from a magical world. This long-kept family secret flings Nathaniel into Kryvesia - a place of pure imagination. From the moment of his arrival in Kryvesia, the fights for his life began as he hunted by an evil looking to destroy the Orb Bearer. Nathaniel is escorted across this vast land by the phoenix fairy, Uraliah, the only person he can trust to get him back to Earth.

- H.R. Bolling -

Cover Design by Ivory Jones

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