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So many individuals have dreamed of producing their own comic book superhero. Some have an idea of developing a single sci-fi or fantasy graphic novel that they can share with their friend or pick up and read to bask in their own accomplishment – a dream of producing your own tale. The Royale Press can take that idea and make it your reality. The purpose of HoRo’BoL is to publish comic style books and graphic novels. Under the label of ‘HoRo’BoL’, The Royale Press will publish art and literary materials from all areas of fiction.


Writers are not the only ones who can take part in the benefits of HoRo’BoL. Artist and graphic designers can produce picture books of their art to share with their fans. Writers and artists can partner up with to work on projects that call for the best of both worlds. The popular fantasy-fiction book, Tales of the Kryvesic Orb: Nathaniel Hex, by author H.R. Bolling, is just one of the publications produced by HoRo’BoL. Visit the Grand Library & Bookstore to find this exciting series.


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